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Brazil Cafe Delas

Brazil Cafe Delas

This product is for our wholesale customers only. 

Product Name Plantation Espresso
Origin Brazil
Farm Cafe Delas
Flavour Profile Dark Chocolate, Maple Syrup, Creamy Texture


Introducing Eagle Monte Carmelo, our interpretation of a timeless coffee profile hailing from the prestigious Cerrado Mineiro region. Crafted with precision, our aim is to deliver a consistently exceptional coffee experience, maintaining a reliable profile from one batch to another and year to year. This makes Eagle Monte Carmelo a go-to choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a dependable blend throughout the seasons.

Sourced with care from Jaqueline Borges and Jordana Tacila Almeida Conti, this specific lot is part of our Café Delas Program. Created to champion women farmers, Café Delas provides crucial resources, knowledge, and a platform for women to flourish in their coffee operations. Each bag of Café Delas coffee is exclusively sourced from women farmers. Moreover, with every purchase, a portion of the profit is reinvested in programs fostering gender equality and empowering women in the field. Elevate your coffee experience with Eagle Monte Carmelo, knowing that each sip contributes to positive change in the world of coffee farming and beyond.

About us

Why Choose Sustain Coffee Co

Support Small Farmers

Delight in every sip while uplifting small farmers. Choose our coffee to empower the hands that nurture each bean.

All Natural

Sip the authenticity of small-scale coffee farming with our natural coffee beans.

Season Based

Great coffee is a reflection of the seasons. That's why we change our beans with every season. Experience the taste of each unique moment in a cup

Sustain Coffee

Every cup tells a story of dedication, sustainability, and a connection to the land. Taste the difference today!


At Sustain we are so passionate and detailed about our research into origins that we travel to every corner of the earth to connect and work closely with the growers and farmers.

We bring these beautiful beans here to the UK and roast them in Hertfordshire so that we can create a highly distinguished single or multiple origin coffee that is like no other.

Our experience in the industry pushed us to develop an ethical approach towards sourcing, roasting and packaging our produce, respecting the spirit of the earth


Want to know more?

    • We aim to deliver within 3 working days!
    • Our based is all natural and based off the seasons, because of this we can only provide certain coffee roasts at certain times of year! This allows us to keep providing you with new flavours and tastes every season!
    • We actually support our farmers and help their coffee reach the masses, we don't add any additional preservatives or chemicals to help with flavour or shelf-life.We are all natural, sustainable and good for the earth!