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50+ 5 Star Reviews 🤩

Ethiopia Organic
Ethiopia Organic
Ethiopia Organic

Ethiopia Organic

Coffee Farm Korate
Location Shakisso Town, Guji, Ethiopia
Cup Score 89
Varietal Heirloom
Process Natural
Cup Flavour Profile Mango, Lemon,  Mixed Berries


Uno Coffee Trading's Buno, an artisanal exporter managing seven washing stations in Ethiopia's Guji region. At altitudes exceeding 2000 meters, the prime terroir fosters the gradual maturation of young, healthy trees, creating ideal conditions for exceptional coffee. Established in 2018 and led by Mr. Abiyot, Buno collaborates with farmers managing 8-15 hectares, encouraging quality improvements and enabling the production of distinct micro-lots.

With a focus on ripeness, Buno rewards farmers with a premium for fully ripened cherries, fostering a commitment to quality. Nine farmers contributed to this lot, their six-hectare farms delivering cherries at a farmgate price of 65-70 Ethiopian Birr per kg. The lush environment, shaded by indigenous trees, coupled with volcanic fertile red soil, shapes the unique character of the coffee.

This traditional natural lot undergoes meticulous processing at Buno, involving cherry selection, floating, and careful drying on raised beds for up to 35 days. Established in 2005 and managed by Abiyot Boru for a decade, Buno's washing station stands as a symbol of expertise and sustainability. Immerse yourself in the rich flavours and responsible practices of Buno, a testament to Ethiopian coffee excellence

Sustain Coffee Co

  • Buno Coffee Trading is a relatively small exporter who manage 7 washing stations located in the area of Guji in Ethiopia’s southern region. Very high terroir at well over 2000 masl and an abundance of relatively young, healthy trees whose maturation is gradual, means ideal conditions for producing outstanding cup qualities. Producers in the area grow their coffee around the lush forests on the hills and village outskirts under the shade of indigenous trees like Cordia Africana, Acacia and Albizzia.

    Buno was established in 2018 and is managed by Mr.Abiyot who oversees the selection of partner farmers, the processing of cherry and the drying practices. Buno is focused on working with farmers with between 8-15 hectares of land which makes quality improvements easier to manage and ensures that produced volumes of cherry can be separated into single producer micro-lots. To ensure that farmers wait to pick only fully ripened cherries, Buno pays farmers a premium of one birr for every kilo delivered after the harvest. Additionally, Buno provides a credit line to farmers during the off-season for harvest related expenses. The loan is then deducted from their payment upon cherry selection, interest free.

    The cherry selection we have witnessed at Buno’s sites are by far the best we have seen in Ethiopia. One of Buno’s sites, Dikitu, has 120 raised beds which is are exclusively for processing natural coffees.

    9 farmers contributed to this lot who, on average, have farms 6 hectares in size. The farmgate price paid to them for their coffee was 65-70 Ethiopian Birr per kg of cherry.

    Coffee in this area grows under a canopy of native shade trees such as acacia and wanza. The local soil is volcanic fertile red soil and deep sandy loam.

    This lot has been process as a traditional natural, then cherry are received and floated to remove immature, overripe and floaters, once this process is complete the coffee is simply laid on raised beds to dry for up to 35 days days depending on weather conditions, at first the coffee is spread as thin as a single cherry to promote even drying and avoid any mould formation, the cherries are than gradually stacked up on thicker layers as those are getting drier.

    The washing station was established in 2005 and has been managed under Abiyot Boru for 10 years.

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At Sustain we are so passionate and detailed about our research into origins that we travel to every corner of the earth to connect and work closely with the growers and farmers.

We bring these beautiful beans here to the UK and roast them in Hertfordshire so that we can create a highly distinguished single or multiple origin coffee that is like no other.

Our experience in the industry pushed us to develop an ethical approach towards sourcing, roasting and packaging our produce, respecting the spirit of the earth

Why Choose Sustain Coffee Co

Support Small Farmers

Delight in every sip while uplifting small farmers. Choose our coffee to empower the hands that nurture each bean.

All Natural

Sip the authenticity of small-scale coffee farming with our natural coffee beans.

Season Based

Great coffee is a reflection of the seasons. That's why we change our beans with every season. Experience the taste of each unique moment in a cup

Sustain Coffee

Every cup tells a story of dedication, sustainability, and a connection to the land. Taste the difference today!

  • We aim to deliver within 3 working days!

  • Our based is all natural and based off the seasons, because of this we can only provide certain coffee roasts at certain times of year! This allows us to keep providing you with new flavours and tastes every season!

  • We actually support our farmers and help their coffee reach the masses, we don't add any additional preservatives or chemicals to help with flavour or shelf-life.

    We are all natural, sustainable and good for the earth!