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50+ 5 Star Reviews 🤩

Brazil Miaki
Brazil Miaki
Brazil Miaki

Brazil Miaki

Coffee Farm: Fazenda Miaki Minas Gerais

Cup Score: 85

Process: Natural

Cup Flavour Profile: Chocolate Cookies, Brown Sugar, Creamy

This delightful coffee has a smooth body, a light berry acidity with a distinct caramel sweetness and flavours of milk chocolate in the finish.

The Japanese family Miaki started working with farms in the estate of Parana, Brazil. After the severe frost in the 1970’s they decided to buy a piece of land in the Municipality Patrocínio Cerrado of Minas Gerais, and a few years later they sold the farm in the south and decided to stay just in Cerrado, one of the richest of all tropical savanna regions. They started working as coffee farmers in Cerrado in 1980, being the very first in the region, a volcanic area in the city of Patrocínio.

Yellow Catuaí is a dwarf hybrid of Mundo Novo and Caturra, which was crossbred in Brazil in 1949. Together with Red Catuai, it is a highly resistant cultivar suitable for growing in high altitudes and windy areas. Both Catuais have very refined and clean acidity.

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    Eleanor Best

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    Patrik Kelemen

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    Humza Shah


At Sustain we are so passionate and detailed about our research into origins that we travel to every corner of the earth to connect and work closely with the growers and farmers.

We bring these beautiful beans here to the UK and roast them in Hertfordshire so that we can create a highly distinguished single or multiple origin coffee that is like no other.

Our experience in the industry pushed us to develop an ethical approach towards sourcing, roasting and packaging our produce, respecting the spirit of the earth

Why Choose Sustain Coffee Co

Support Small Farmers

Delight in every sip while uplifting small farmers. Choose our coffee to empower the hands that nurture each bean.

All Natural

Sip the authenticity of small-scale coffee farming with our natural coffee beans.

Season Based

Great coffee is a reflection of the seasons. That's why we change our beans with every season. Experience the taste of each unique moment in a cup

Sustain Coffee

Every cup tells a story of dedication, sustainability, and a connection to the land. Taste the difference today!

    • We aim to deliver within 3 working days!
    • Our based is all natural and based off the seasons, because of this we can only provide certain coffee roasts at certain times of year! This allows us to keep providing you with new flavours and tastes every season!
    • We actually support our farmers and help their coffee reach the masses, we don't add any additional preservatives or chemicals to help with flavour or shelf-life.We are all natural, sustainable and good for the earth!